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Ekies all senses resort: a model of sustainable destination


Since its opening in 2001, Ekies operates with respect to nature, always having the upgrading of the ecosystem and the support of the local community as development guidelines. Today, having incorporated the principles of circular economy in its daily operation, it has evolved into a model of sustainable destination. Through its policies, specific programs, and targeted initiatives, Ekies every year reduces its environmental footprint, does its share in the fight against climate change, increases the positive impact it has at local level, and trains its personnel, as well as the visitors, on how to act in an environmentally friendly way. Also, it hosts various art projects-installations that intend to raise awareness about climate change, like last year’s beach-house project by CTRLZAK Art & Design Studio, which endeavored to draw attention to the issue of coastline changes caused by the noticeable rise of sea water levels.

Overall, Ekies supports the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

The sustainable development of Ekies resort, which is certified with ISO 22OOO (Food safety management system) and Green Key (for its environmental identity), is based on the following 6 pillars:

  1. Smart energy consumption
  2. Effective waste management
  3. Careful water use
  4. Ethical food management
  5. Support of the local community
  6. Nature regeneration & protection
  1. Smart energy consumption: from the transfer of construction materials to electricity consumption, we strive to minimize our energy needs and significantly reduce CO2
  1. Effective waste management: during the previous year we recycled 20 tons of plastic, paper, and glass, achieving a rate of 0.75 kg recycled material per single person stay.
  1. Careful water use: we implement a holistic water management program that is based on two principles: reuse and controlled consumption.
  1. Ethical food management: we cooperate with local producers to develop a sustainable food supply chain. This year we have organized our own organic farm on the property, adopting the “From farm to fork” philosophy.
  1. Support of local community: we add value to the local community by reducing the unemployment rate, investing in permanent partnerships with local producers, running several voluntary actions and enhancing the age-long tradition in ceramics and textile crafts.
  1. Nature regeneration & protection: we protect and upgrade the local ecosystem by adopting daily practices that do not pollute the environment and by enhancing the local flora and fauna.


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